Pismo Beach Bike Rentals

Pismo Beach Bike Rentals

Sunny days, empty backcountry roads, wide open beaches, pretty parks and trail-lined preserves make for great biking experiences throughout Pismo Beach. Hop on a cruiser and check out the quaint town, cycle on the sand in the afternoon sea breeze, mountain bike single tracks in the serenity of the Pismo Preserve or gather the gang for a family ride on a six-seater surrey bike. 

Who will enjoy biking?

From small fry to grandparents and everyone in between, anyone interested in cruising on two wheels will enjoy the endless cycling opportunities for all ages and skill levels.

Important things to know about biking.

In California, anyone aged 18 and under operating a bicycle must legally wear a bicycle helmet. So be safe and follow this important law, regardless of your age. When biking in Pismo Preserve, mountain bikers must wear bells to alert horseback riders and hikers of their presence as many of the trails in the preserve are multiuse and shared by all.

How do I book biking adventures and rentals?

Whether you want to rent a cruiser, mountain bike, eBike or Surrey, there are myriad shops in this bike friendly town.

Pismo Beach Bike Rentals

160 Hinds Ave # 102 Pismo Beach

Cruisers $14 per hour
eBikes $40 per hour
Single Surrey bikes $30 per hour
Double Surrey Bikes $40 per hour
Banana Bikes $20 per hour

Pedal Up Bikes and Boards

519 Cypress St, Pismo Beach

Single Surrey $30
Double Surrey $40 
Triple Surrey $80 Per Hour
Electric Bike $40 Per Hour (Max 2 hours)
Beach Cruisers: $12 per hour

Central Coast Outdoors Bike Tours


Enjoy a ride in the morning and a picnic lunch on their half day cycling tours to various destinations such as Avila Beach, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo and more. Biking and wine packages are available too.

$115-$175 per person depending on the size of the group and destination 

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