Pismo Beach Surf Lessons

Pismo Beach Surf Lessons

Pismo Beach’s legendary waves inspire surfers to travel long and far to enjoy epic surf sessions along this Central Coast playground. The historic Pismo Beach Pier is a favorite surf spot, known for its shapely consistent waves, gentle beach slope and exhilarating rights. As the pier is lit at night, thrill-seekers often head out for moonlight surf sessions.

Who will enjoy surfing the Central Coast?

All levels of surfers can enjoy the surf scene at Pismo Beach, but of course the level of intensity and wave height can change on any given day, depending on the weather and swell. Newbies and groms should be sure to take surf lessons and learn water safety tips and surfer etiquette to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Important things to know about surfing.

Dangerous surf conditions and riptides can occur so be sure to review surf reports to assess conditions or check in with the local surf shops and professionals to assess the surf. Lifeguards are on duty seasonally at Pismo Beach from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.

 How do I book surf lessons?

Surf shops can be found all over Pismo Beach where you can rent gear or sign up for lessons. Take advantage of the locals’ knowledge of the best breaks and secret spots to maximize your surfing experience whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Pismo Beach Surf Academy

231 Pomeroy Ave., Ste. G Pismo Beach

Private of Group Lessons by Appointment
Thursday – Sunday
9am to 11am
Group or Private
$125 per person

Board + wetsuit included

Central Coast Surf School

158 Addie Street Pismo Beach

Group Lessons Only
$50-60 per person depending on size of group
Board + wetsuit included

Pismo Beach Surf Shop

470 Price Street Pismo Beach

Group Lessons (2-5 people)
$80 per person
Private One-on-One lesson
$120 per person
Board + wetsuit included

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